7 Ways To Be More Productive At Work

7 ways to be more productive at work

I constantly strive to be more productive and utilize my time more efficiently. There are only so many hours in the day but my responsibilities keep growing! Below are 7 ways I have found to be more productive at work. I can’t say I do every one of these every day. But when I do, my stress level goes way down and I get more done.

1. Prioritize

On Monday morning, create a “to do” list for weekly tasks. You should prioritize by when each is due and don’t avoid a task just because it’s difficult! Nothing feels better when I finish and can cross it off my list! If you need extra guidance, review it with your manager for her insight. Your manager may have changes to make to your list and can help monitor your progress.

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First Official Blog Post

welcome to kaitlin paper!

Anxiously, I looked forward to writing my first official blog post all week! What better way to welcome the weekend than sharing a few unique details about myself.

Welcome to Kaitlin Paper

Here We Go…


My husband and I have almost reached the 3 month mark of marriage! We were engaged for almost two years so I was actively planning for the same amount of time. I am an absolute pro for finding vendors, organizing timelines, and creating favors. Initially, I was so sad after we came back from the honeymoon and the wedding excitement was over. But I have a wealth of knowledge that I would love to share if there are any brides-to-be out there!

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