welcome to kaitlin paper!

Anxiously, I looked forward to writing my first official blog post all week! What better way to welcome the weekend than sharing a few unique details about myself.

Welcome to Kaitlin Paper

Here We Go…


My husband and I have almost reached the 3 month mark of marriage! We were engaged for almost two years so I was actively planning for the same amount of time. I am an absolute pro for finding vendors, organizing timelines, and creating favors. Initially, I was so sad after we came back from the honeymoon and the wedding excitement was over. But I have a wealth of knowledge that I would love to share if there are any brides-to-be out there!


We are moving! Renting in the Boston-area is insane – the cost continues to sky rocket and new buildings are shooting up left and right! We recently bought a cute ranch that is old but in impeccable shape so we will be busy moving over the next few months and adding our own personal touches.


Donuts are my favorite. My husband and I currently live two minutes from a donut shop, where everything is made fresh daily and the prices are insanely affordable! We can’t help but stop by at least once on the weekends. As I am still struggling to wake up (waking up is the worst) Michael will head over for the best selection before 8 am with my usual request for a chocolate glazed or anything chocolate frosted. Can you tell I like chocolate too? 


Growing up I rode horses and even though I haven’t been on a horse in over two years I still consider myself an equestrian. I remember driving by a farm pretty much everyday as a child and decided to ask my parents at the age of 10 if I could take a lesson. Surprisingly, my parents said “yes” and I am sure they never expected my love to last this long. I have never owned a horse but was fortunate enough to lease one for a few summers and also worked at a barn in exchange for lessons. It’s one of my ultimate dreams to buy a horse! Now I just need to save money to make that dream a reality…


Growing up in Massachusetts, going to the beach was a common occurrence and it still is every summer! My beach partner-in-crime is my mom – We hit up the beach almost every weekend in the summer. We plop our behinds in a chair with a good book, Fanta Orange Soda, and Fritos Corn Chips.

Anyone else just starting their blog? Or for the seasoned bloggers, any tips for someone just starting out?

Phew… I guess that wasn’t too bad. Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo Kaitlin