Sunday Stroll Along Fan Pier

Walk Along Fan Pier in Boston

Why is it that waking up early on the weekend is SO easy but during the week I feel like a walking zombie?! This past Sunday was no different, I was wide awake before 7 am so my husband and I decided to drive into Boston and take a Sunday stroll along Fan Pier.  The Seaport is easily one of my favorite spots in the city since it’s right on the water.

The drive only took 15 minutes with no traffic and we found street parking. Also, did I mention it was FREE since it was a Sunday?! Another reason I love this area is because it is super quiet on the weekends since it is mostly commercial. There are a lot of residential buildings going up but I think city people sleep late on the weekends! 😉

mass fallen heroes memorial

Mass Fallen Heroes Memorial

We headed towards the new Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Memorial. It is a recently completed memorial dedicated to the service men and women of Massachusetts who have died since September 11th. It’s a beautiful and powerful memorial with the names of all those fallen on glass to the left. It is surrounded by water and sun hits the obelisk to change its impact throughout the day.  If you’re ever in the area, please check it out!

Harbor Walk

Next, we walked along the Harbor Walk and down on the docks where there were huge sailboats and yachts. There was literally not a cloud in the sky and the sun was beating down on us. But I didn’t mind! I am trying to enjoy these warm days before the cold weather returns! Ahhh, I don’t even want to think about it! My  husband works in construction and spent the first years out of college working in the area. So it is always fun to see how far it has come in just a few short years.

Fan Pier

View Across Boston Harbor


It’s been so hot and humid in the Northeast recently that it’s impossible to wear anything but shorts and tank tops! As I am writing this post it’s going to be 97 degrees today. (Ahh!) I love white tops and I think this top is extra flattering with the layers. The fabric is thin enough to be cool and comfortable but it isn’t see through. It is from Francesca’s Collections and the same top is still available in navy blue. Check it out here!

Comfortable White Tank Top

Comfortable White Tank Top

Tassel earrings are everywhere right now! I bought these a few months ago but felt nervous to wear them since I usually stick to studs. But these are so comfortable! The earrings are not heavy and add a pop of color to any outfit. I hope to try out another pair in a darker color for fall. Bauble Bar has amazing options in multiple colors – check them out here. Francesca’s Collections also has more affordable options in great fall colors.

Turquoise Tassel Earrings

Turquoise Tassel Earrings

We enjoyed breakfast at a little coffee shop after our walk before heading out of the city. It was such a nice morning together! Since we woke so early there was still plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day. This is how every Sunday morning should be! We are enjoying the city as much as possible before we move later this month!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

xoxo Kaitlin