Friends, Drinks, & Tubing


A few of my friends and I have been planning a weekend away for months and this past weekend was finally time! The weather in NH was absolutely gorgeous! Sunny both days and I could feel Spring beginning to peak through as the sun felt stronger than usual. The weekend was packed with shopping, lots of food and drinks, and snow tubing!

Heading out early

My husband came with us, even though it was a girl’s weekend, because he planned days full of skiing and kite skiing. 🙂 Whenever we head up to NH, it always takes us about 4 hours with no traffic. So we decided to pack up the truck early on a Friday morning and head north right after work. I had to be up at 5 am on Friday and was exhausted since I was out late the night before but it was worth it to be ready to go. Honestly, we always pack so much stuff… I always joke that I can’t imagine what life will be like with kids!

Favorite part of the NH house – massive fireplace!

Thankfully I got out of work early and we made it up to NH while the sun was still up. Definitely a new record, we usually get to the house around 11 pm. While we waited for my friends to arrive, Michael and I headed out for a yummy dinner and some beers/cider on St. Paddy’s Day! Once everyone arrived we watched a movie and had a fire in the massive fireplace. Pretty sure I passed out on the couch because I was so tired from the week.

Breakfast, Shopping, and More Drinks

Saturday was a slow start but definitely what we all needed. Obviously, I woke up early so I read my book in the living room, currently loving “Something Borrowed”, and then showered. We headed out for breakfast and I had the most delicious breakfast bowl! It was corn beef hash, griddled mashed potatoes, home fries, topped with two fresh eggs. The food was definitely unique but so good.. I knew I would be full until dinner. After, we headed out shopping and spent the next five hours going from store to store. I picked up a few dresses for work and a new spring jacket. But my favorite purchase was a cognac backpack from Coach that will be great for commuting to and from work in the spring.

Breakfast Bowl – Totally Worth The Wait!

Shopping Selfie 🙂

We stopped at Zeb’s General Store on our way back to the house. It’s a tradition to always stop at Zeb’s when we are in NH. It’s a classic country store filled with everything imaginable including homemade maple syrup, penny candy, fudge, other souvenirs and treats. I picked up some apple cinnamon syrup for pancakes, chocolate fudge, and blue cheese herb mustard for dipping with pretzel sticks. We all spent way too much money but it was totally worth it! I was literally so tired after shopping so we relaxed with another movie before heading to dinner.

Always make a stop at the candy jars!

Shannon Door

For dinner we decided to try the Shannon Door, a quintessential Irish restaurant that just looks like an old house on a hill. Since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend we didn’t think there would be tables but we lucked out and found one right away! The tables are first come first serve, there is no waitlist, so the moment we pulled into the parking lot, Michael ran in to find a table. Yes, we are that serious about our food haha 🙂 We chowed down on garlic bread, buffalo chicken, jalapeño poppers, shepherd’s pie and pizza.

Snow Tubing

Tubing was a success!

Sunday was saved for snow tubing, plans we made when we first decided on heading to NH for our girls’ weekend. We headed to Cranmore and the weather was absolutely gorgeous again! The sun was shining bright so we all wore sunglasses and there was only a light breeze at the top. We had so much fun tubing! You grab your tube at the bottom and head up to the top on a “magic carpet” where you stand on a conveyor belt that pulls you up. We paired up each time and made sure the attendant spun us for extra excitement. 🙂 One of my friends made sure to get videos of each of us going down, it’s so funny to watch it. I held on for dear life every time I went down because it felt like I was flying… I didn’t want to fly off the tube!

Friends Drinks Tubing

Heading up the magic carpet

Friends Drinks Tubing

Group Selfie!

Friends Drinks Tubing

Holding on for dear life 😛

After tubing we headed to the pub and stuffed our faces with nachos and burgers/sandwiches. I was so sad when Michael and I headed home that night! We both had such a great weekend that I didn’t want it to end. So glad I am saying “yes” to more things and really enjoying 2017 so far. Looking forward to more adventures with my friends this year! 🙂

xoxo Kaitlin