Blue Skies, Yard Work, & Ice Cream

Blue Skies, Yard Work, & Ice Cream

Blue Skies, Yard Work, & Ice Cream

Happy Monday! I am writing this as the weather is back to rain and cold, thanks Mother Nature (insert eye roll emoji here). Doesn’t the saying go “April showers bring May flowers” because May has been raining way too much for my liking! BUT on the bright side this weekend was gorgeous. My outlook on life is literally so much better with blue skies and sunshine… does anyone else agree?

First Beach DaY of the Season!

Gorgeous Blue Skies Glistening Off The Calm Ocean

The gorgeous weather actually started a bit earlier in the week. So I took off Thursday to enjoy the beach. I woke up early to get some work done on my laptop, throw in a load of dirty laundry, and empty the dishwasher. I headed to a local beach in Scituate and plopped myself done by the water with my chair, sunscreen and newest book. The water was ice cold but looked peaceful as it lightly rolled against the rocks on the shore so I resorted to just sticking in my feet. Surprisingly I thought the beach was crowded for a Thursday in May but I do not blame anyone for enjoying the weather! I have recently been on a Sophie Kinsella kick and “The Undomestic Goddess” is very charming and witty so far. I love how the characters are my age and relatable. After two hours, the sun was beating down at 90 degrees and I could feel myself being burnt so I headed home.

Current Read!

It was actually weird having the day off because I was out of my normal schedule. But I enjoyed the free time to the max and was passed out in my bed by five because of the heat. I just lounged and watched television until Michael got home from work. 🙂

Starting the Weekend Strong

After work on Friday, I started the weekend early by treating myself to a pedicure since my feet were in desperate need of help! I chose a neon orange that was so bright but looked great paired with my white sandals. Later, Michael and I grabbed burgers at a new restaurant and sat outside to watch the Celtics. We aren’t big sports fans and the Celtics lost terribly, I’m probably bad luck. 

Never Ending Yard Work

Yardwork consumed the majority of our weekend. Since this is our first year in our new home, we don’t have much experience with plants other than mowing the lawn so we were definitely in over our heads. On Saturday and Sunday, we picked up a total of 4 yards of mulch and we still need to get more! We trimmed bushes, pulled weeds, edged the garden, and spread mulch for over 12 hours and my hands are so sore from the rakes and shovels. I have a newfound appreciation for landscapers because it is hard work! Michael probably dumped over 20 wheelbarrows of leaves, weeds, and old mulch into the woods behind our house. The easiest decision I will make in the fall and next year is hiring a landscaper.

Blue Skies, Yard Work, & Ice Cream

So. Much. Mulch! Any my cute husband 😀

We still have some work left since I want to add flower boxes in the front. Also some hanging plants off the porch and new bushes. Maybe some hydrangeas? It’s really exciting how the former owners planted so many gorgeous bushes over the years. I just hope I don’t kill them!

On Saturday night, I did get to have some fun and meet a few of my friends for dinner and drinks. I wore the cutest off-the-shoulder cactus top I picked up from Francesca’s Collections a few weeks ago. Cactuses are my new obsession – my husband just hung up a cactus painting in my make-up room. 😛

Next weekend, we are having some friends and family over for a Memorial Day BBQ. I’ll be sure to post pictures of our patio’s finished product (for now).

My reward for all of my hard work? Chocolate ice cream in a cone with chocolate jimmies, YUM!

My Reward 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!

xoxo Kaitlin