Homemade Ice Cream and Baby Cows

Hornstra Farms

Homemade ice cream and baby cows are a win for me! I always think about what it would be like to live on a farm. Growing up I rode horses and spent my summers mucking stalls, grooming horses, and riding. Definitely one of my happy places 🙂 That’s one of the great things about living or being close to the burbs, acres of land and animals are never too far.

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Perfect Ogunquit Summer Friday

Perfect Ogunquit Summer Friday

Every year my mom and I say we are going to make a summer day trip somewhere “different” but never do. Work weeks are hectic and the weekends are filled with competing priorities. But we finally made the decision to just do it and head to Ogunquit, Maine. Let me tell you, I am so glad we did! The day was the perfect Ogunquit summer Friday!

High Tide & cramped Beachgoers

We left early in the morning and the drive took less than 2 hours. Our first stop was the beach and as you can tell from previous posts, it’s one of my happy places. But the tide was coming in so we only stayed for a few minutes because it was so high there was barely any room to move! Beachgoers were literally on top of each other! Instead, my mom and I decided to take a walk to Perkins Cove and reminisce about the vacations we used to take to Ogunquit years ago as a family. We walked past the hotels we stayed in and chatted about “Dolly The Trolley” that travels around town.

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Sunday Stroll Along Fan Pier

Walk Along Fan Pier in Boston

Why is it that waking up early on the weekend is SO easy but during the week I feel like a walking zombie?! This past Sunday was no different, I was wide awake before 7 am so my husband and I decided to drive into Boston and take a Sunday stroll along Fan Pier.  The Seaport is easily one of my favorite spots in the city since it’s right on the water.

The drive only took 15 minutes with no traffic and we found street parking. Also, did I mention it was FREE since it was a Sunday?! Another reason I love this area is because it is super quiet on the weekends since it is mostly commercial. There are a lot of residential buildings going up but I think city people sleep late on the weekends! 😉

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Frankenstein Cliffs and Arethusa Falls

One of the benefits of living in Massachusetts is its close proximity to the beautiful and relaxing mountains of New Hampshire.  My husband and I make the 3 1/2 hour journey, with a few pit stops in between, to Jackson at least a few times a year.  If you have never been to Jackson then you need to go! It is so close to our most recent adventure, Frankenstein Cliffs and Arethusa Falls. It is the most relaxing and quaint little town I have ever seen with ski clubs, delicious restaurants, art  museums, and even a puzzle store! I love being away from the loud sounds and distractions of the city and breathing in the fresh air.

Arethusa Falls and Frankenstein Cliffs

Last year I bought  my husband a guide book on the best hikes in the White Mountains. I love this book because it gives details on the best paths to take and the difficulty. Now I’ll admit, I’m definitely not in the best shape of my life. Especially compared to how fit I was when we hiked Tuckerman’s Ravine a few years ago. So we decided on Crawford Notch with Arethusa Falls and the Frankenstein Cliffs. The hike was only 5 miles, considered moderate difficulty, and offered beautiful views of the tallest waterfall in the state.

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