Friends, Drinks, & Tubing


A few of my friends and I have been planning a weekend away for months and this past weekend was finally time! The weather in NH was absolutely gorgeous! Sunny both days and I could feel Spring beginning to peak through as the sun felt stronger than usual. The weekend was packed with shopping, lots of food and drinks, and snow tubing!

Heading out early

My husband came with us, even though it was a girl’s weekend, because he planned days full of skiing and kite skiing. 🙂 Whenever we head up to NH, it always takes us about 4 hours with no traffic. So we decided to pack up the truck early on a Friday morning and head north right after work. I had to be up at 5 am on Friday and was exhausted since I was out late the night before but it was worth it to be ready to go. Honestly, we always pack so much stuff… I always joke that I can’t imagine what life will be like with kids!

Favorite part of the NH house – massive fireplace!

Thankfully I got out of work early and we made it up to NH while the sun was still up. Definitely a new record, we usually get to the house around 11 pm. While we waited for my friends to arrive, Michael and I headed out for a yummy dinner and some beers/cider on St. Paddy’s Day! Once everyone arrived we watched a movie and had a fire in the massive fireplace. Pretty sure I passed out on the couch because I was so tired from the week.

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Weekend Spent Learning To Ski

Learning to Ski

Having fun! Aren’t the snow covered trees behind me gorgeous?!

Conquering Fears & Learning to Ski

Second week of February and I’ve done two ski trips this season! Part of my New Years Resolution was to try new things, especially those that make me feel nervous. Skiing is definitely one of those things! Growing up I never went skiing, my family considered vacation going someplace warm, not up to the mountains. So I never even thought about learning to ski until I met my now husband. Unlike me, Michael grew up skiing and he’s so good!! (He’s modest and would tell you he isn’t that good, but he is!) Every weekend up in NH on the mountains was how he spent a lot of winters with his family.

Learning to Ski

Michael so happy that I’m skiing with him! 🙂

First Time Skiing!

The first winter we dated he took me skiing and I was SO nervous, as in “couldn’t sleep the night before” nervous. Once I finally got on the skis it was so awkward… wearing the boots, getting on the chairlift, and of course, learning to ski! I hate not knowing how to do something and become embarrassed really easily. (Trying to work on that!) But we skied a few times that winter and the following winter I gave it another go. But I really wasn’t into it that much. I never felt the desire to go skiing, probably because I was uncomfortable with my lacking ability. 

Fast Forward a Few Years

Fast forward a few years and I’m a married woman! Yippee!! 😉 I left public accounting almost two years ago and now have the majority of my weekends back! In public accounting I worked every Saturday from January to April and last year I was busy planning a wedding! But I knew I wanted to give skiing another try this winter. An honest effort where I would give it my best shot and not give up because I’m a beginner (pretty much). 

A few weeks ago we traveled up to Bretton Woods in NH for a weekend of skiing and relaxing. Getting back on the skis actually wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be! I was still super nervous but didn’t want that to stop me. Michael brought me up the lift in the Beginner’s Quad and we took a few runs before heading to the top of the mountain! Guess what! I made it through the day with only one fall! I  had a ridiculously funny fall right under the chairlift where one of my skis flew off. Even another skier came by to ask if I was okay! Ha! But honestly, I wasn’t even embarrassed about falling!

Later that day I even took a lesson and had the nicest ski teacher named Jim. He was probably in his 60s, definitely a fatherly personality, and gave me some really useful tips on turning, stopping, and how to position my body while skiing. It definitely gave me a confidence booster when he told me to keep doing what I’m doing and I would be better in no time! 

Learning to Ski

Chairlift Selfie

Trying Again

After that experience I decided to take it slow and keep trying. I even bought my own pair of goggles, neck warmer, and ski bag! This past weekend we took a day trip up to Pats Peak and I decided to just take the easier trails. Building my confidence and taking my time is what seems to be working for me! I’m really excited that I’m conquering my anxiety and not letting it stop me from trying new things and having fun. Both times skiing I saw blind skiers!! I told myself, if they can do it then there is no excuse for me not to try! I love having a hobby that I can share with my husband too! Even more time for us to spend together! 🙂

Cookie Bigger Than My Head!

Learning to Ski

Apres Skiing – Drink Time!

xoxo Kaitlin

Christmas At The Breakers

Christmas at The Breakers

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to experience Christmas at the Breakers in Newport. A few years ago I toured some of the mansions during the summer and they were unbelievable, as expected! So when I heard there were holiday evenings every Saturday in December, I knew I needed to see it!

On Saturday night, we drove the hour and a half to Newport and grabbed dinner at a small Irish pub called the Fastnet Pub. We walked around for a bit before in the bitter cold but every restaurant had an insane wait! Thankfully Fastnet had an open table. Buffalo wings, burgers, fries, and Magners Pear were definitely what we needed to start the night off right.

Christmas at the Breakers

Gorgeous Details!

Christmas at the Breakers

More than We Imagined

When we finally made it to the Breakers, it was more than we imagined. The Great Hall was filled with beautifully decorated Christmas trees, large kissing balls hanging from the ceiling, and centered by an entire tree made from poinsettias! An all male a cappella group called Vocal Revolution and a piano player were the entertainment for the evening.

Every room was decorated for Christmas with trees, lights, candles, and fresh flowers. We made our way throughout the entire mansion and read about each room’s individual facts. Of course I grabbed photos in multiple rooms, the detailing is indescribable, every piece is so ornate. Each room is covered in marble, silk, gold, and alabaster. I stood in awe once we were in the dining room. Imagine sitting at a table for 34 every night for dinner?!

Christmas at the Breakers

Ceiling in the Great Hall

Christmas at the Breakers

The Dining Room!

Christmas at the Breakers

Just the casual “morning room” 😛

By the end of the night we made it to the gift shop, of course! I picked up some candy, a gift for a friend, and a little gingerbread ornament for the tree! The night was well worth it and I plan to make some day trips this summer to see more of the mansions.

Have you ever experienced the Newport mansions or Christmas at the Breakers? I would highly recommend it!

xoxo Kaitlin

We Are Officially Homeowners!

Officially Homeowners

It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t posted much. But I have exciting news and am thrilled to share it! We are officially homeowners!! Buying a home has been our ultimate goal for months but we wanted to focus on wedding planning and enjoying our wedding before making a HUGE life decision. Once we got back from our honeymoon we decided to start the search to invest our money rather than wasting it on rent. 

Officially Homeowners

Of course the entire process was new to both of us, we have never owned a home. So we relied a lot on our friends and family for advice and researched a ton online before starting. It actually didn’t take that long. We put an offer on a house the week after we were pre-approved for a mortgage! I’m thinking of a future post with tips on pre approvals and home buying from our experience. It’s definitely a seller’s market in the Boston area! The amount of homes in our price range and in the area we were looking were very slim. So when we saw a home we liked we made an offer on it the same day we went to look at it. Thankfully it was accepted the same day! 🙂

Such an exciting time! The closing process took over a month but it went very smoothly. The couple that sold us the house lived there for almost 50 years and are so sweet!! At the closing their daughter came as well and gave us a bottle of sparkling wine and a beautifully written card. Tears were definitely shed but only because of the wonderful memories shared in the home. It makes us so excited to start our married lives in this home. We have actually seen the couple a few times since the closing. Since they only moved nearby, I’m sure we will see them around town!

Officially Homeowners

Time To Remodel

Our new home is in great shape but is a bit outdated so we are working on some upgrades. The past few weeks have included wallpaper stripping, spackling, sanding, and lots of painting! The progress is slow but we can’t wait to move in at the end of the month!! We will eventually remodel the kitchen and bathroom but want to focus on getting settled and saving money. I’ll definitely do a separate post with before and after pictures because the transformation is pretty cool already.

xoxo Kaitlin

Homemade Ice Cream and Baby Cows

Hornstra Farms

Homemade ice cream and baby cows are a win for me! I always think about what it would be like to live on a farm. Growing up I rode horses and spent my summers mucking stalls, grooming horses, and riding. Definitely one of my happy places 🙂 That’s one of the great things about living or being close to the burbs, acres of land and animals are never too far.

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