We Are Officially Homeowners!

Officially Homeowners

It’s been a busy few weeks so I haven’t posted much. But I have exciting news and am thrilled to share it! We are officially homeowners!! Buying a home has been our ultimate goal for months but we wanted to focus on wedding planning and enjoying our wedding before making a HUGE life decision. Once we got back from our honeymoon we decided to start the search to invest our money rather than wasting it on rent. 

Officially Homeowners

Of course the entire process was new to both of us, we have never owned a home. So we relied a lot on our friends and family for advice and researched a ton online before starting. It actually didn’t take that long. We put an offer on a house the week after we were pre-approved for a mortgage! I’m thinking of a future post with tips on pre approvals and home buying from our experience. It’s definitely a seller’s market in the Boston area! The amount of homes in our price range and in the area we were looking were very slim. So when we saw a home we liked we made an offer on it the same day we went to look at it. Thankfully it was accepted the same day! 🙂

Such an exciting time! The closing process took over a month but it went very smoothly. The couple that sold us the house lived there for almost 50 years and are so sweet!! At the closing their daughter came as well and gave us a bottle of sparkling wine and a beautifully written card. Tears were definitely shed but only because of the wonderful memories shared in the home. It makes us so excited to start our married lives in this home. We have actually seen the couple a few times since the closing. Since they only moved nearby, I’m sure we will see them around town!

Officially Homeowners

Time To Remodel

Our new home is in great shape but is a bit outdated so we are working on some upgrades. The past few weeks have included wallpaper stripping, spackling, sanding, and lots of painting! The progress is slow but we can’t wait to move in at the end of the month!! We will eventually remodel the kitchen and bathroom but want to focus on getting settled and saving money. I’ll definitely do a separate post with before and after pictures because the transformation is pretty cool already.

xoxo Kaitlin

Autumn Is In The Air

Autumn Is in the Air

Growing up candles were rarely ever burning at home. My mom always stressed that candles were dangerous and we may all go up in flames if one was lit. Granted, my mom does burn candles occasionally now that we are older! So candles were only used on special occasions like during Christmas dinner. When I moved out I knew I had to start my candle collection. My husband and I enjoy candles the most during the fall and winter because it makes everything feel warm and cozy. We even started making our own! 🙂 I received an email from Bath & Body Works that they were having a sale on all 3-wick candles. On Saturday I headed over to the mall and picked up a few fall candles I can’t wait to burn. Now I really feel like autumn is in the air!

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